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the fibonacci sequence engraved on grass

milkktree said: Write 10 facts about yourself then send it to 10 of your favourite followers

ohhh this is hard (also very honoured to be one of your top 10 fave blogs:))

1. I am a vegetarian (well, pescatarian if you want to get technical)

2. I am left handed

3. I have no Idea where I am going to university and it caused me great amounts of grief

4. English is my fave subject..books ayyy

5. I lived in the caribbean for 5 years

6. I am 1/4 Irish which is something not many people know from looking at me..its also a side to me (in terms of culture/history) I don’t know a lot about

7. #teamnatural for 1 year and 8 months…proud of my 9 inches lolz

8. I am going to be 19 NEXT MONth and I am NOT ready

9. I love bad bitches thats my fucking problem

10. cant think of anything else bye


something to live by